Every girl knows the importance of facials. There are many different ways to go about but everyone can agree that your skin is going to look fabulous afterwards. And while there are many different facials, each one has its own specific benefits. If you get a hand and stone facial it will rejuvenate your skin and make it appear younger. Who wouldn’t want that?! Other facials can help improve skin {Read More}

Bh Beauty

Bh Cosmetics is so informative! Look at all of this information! I am shocked at how much some of the beauty things celebrities get done cost. I am all about affordability. I understand some things are worth splurging on, but usually you can get the same thing at a fraction of the cost (just without that designer label). Be sure to read through the entire thing- there are some really {Read More}


Moissanite gives a cute brief history of weddings. There are so many facts that I never knew! For example, bridal showers started as a way to help brides whose father refused to pay the dowry! These would have been fun to know before we got married last year. Weddings are a fun event in everyone’s life and I find it fascinating to see how all of these traditions started and {Read More}

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