Leather Tree

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? There are so many things you can include in a gift guide. One thing that always seems so luxurious to me is leather. I am really loving the idea of a leather briefcase. They are so versatile and can really give some sophistication to any outfit. Plus, they are the best way to carry all of your stuff! There really are so many {Read More}


Everyone needs a good pair of sneakers in their closet. My favorite brand of sneakers is New Balance. I love womens new balance walking shoes. They make the most comfortable and stylish sneakers out there! The great thing about New Balance shoes is that they are extremely affordable, as well. I have a few pairs myself and I honestly have nothing bad to say about them. I am looking to {Read More}

Deal Dash

Have you guys heard aboutDealDash? It’s a great new shopping site used by more than a million shoppers! Deal Dash has so many great items to choose from. You could literally be on there for hours!Be sure to check DealDash out for yourself! They have some fun YouTube videos you should watch!


Every girl knows the importance of facials. There are many different ways to go about but everyone can agree that your skin is going to look fabulous afterwards. And while there are many different facials, each one has its own specific benefits. If you get a hand and stone facial it will rejuvenate your skin and make it appear younger. Who wouldn’t want that?! Other facials can help improve skin {Read More}


Who would have known that athletic shoes have been around for so long? There is a lot of comfort shoes for men and women history. It’s nice to see that an obsession with shoes goes back to the beginning of our history. It makes sense that the Roman’s would have several pairs of shoes. They really did know how to live! I didn’t realize shoes had so much history! It {Read More}

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