We’re all addicted to purses here. I have over 100 myself! This site is all about expressing a love of bags. And while purses hold my heart, don’t be surprised if other items don’t sneak their way. I’m talking shoes, jewelry, beauty. I mean c’mon! We’re all fabulous here! Stay posted for more!

Deal Dash

Deal Dash is known for their honest and fair bidding. If you are an auction (like me) then you should definitely check them out! They even have a Pinterest now! Okay guys, could you have combined two more things I absolutely love? You should follow them on Pinterest to see all of the cool items up for grabs! You know you’re going to be on Pinterest all day (and night) {Read More}

Gold & Silver

Silver and gold are both wonderful things. Who knew there was so much history behind it? Makes you want some gold bullion coins, huh? Isn’t it crazy that miners can dig through as much as 30 tons of rock only to get enough gold to make one ring? Maybe that’s why fine jewelry can get so expensive! Be sure to read through the entire image. There are a lot of {Read More}

Deal Dash

Have you guys heard aboutDealDash? It’s a great new shopping site used by more than a million shoppers! Deal Dash has so many great items to choose from. You could literally be on there for hours!Be sure to check DealDash out for yourself! They have some fun YouTube videos you should watch!


Every girl knows the importance of facials. There are many different ways to go about but everyone can agree that your skin is going to look fabulous afterwards. And while there are many different facials, each one has its own specific benefits. If you get a hand and stone facial it will rejuvenate your skin and make it appear younger. Who wouldn’t want that?! Other facials can help improve skin {Read More}

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