Jill Milan Clutch Handbags

Jill Milan Clutch Handbags are known for their sophisticated and chic designs for a luxury product that is commonly seen on the red carpet. Each handbag is made in Florence, Italy for a product that leather-free and sewn by hand with handmade metalwork. Each individual handbag is void of all animal products and uses beautiful materials that includes velvet, gorgeous faux leathers, and suedes. Celebrities, in particular, enjoy the high {Read More}

Perfumes and Colognes

Let’s be honest, there are a million and one different fragrance type products on the market today. They all have different purposes and smell differently on every one. If you are big into scents then you should consider trying out pheromone fragrances. Pheromone fragrances have been around for a while and make a lot of sense. Pheromones are your secret weapon to attracting someone to you by your smell, but {Read More}


Everyone needs a good pair of sneakers in their closet. My favorite brand of sneakers is New Balance. I love womens new balance walking shoes. They make the most comfortable and stylish sneakers out there! The great thing about New Balance shoes is that they are extremely affordable, as well. I have a few pairs myself and I honestly have nothing bad to say about them. I am looking to {Read More}


We’re all addicted to purses here. I have over 100 myself! This site is all about expressing a love of bags. And while purses hold my heart, don’t be surprised if other items don’t sneak their way. I’m talking shoes, jewelry, beauty. I mean c’mon! We’re all fabulous here! Stay posted for more!

Deal Dash

Deal Dash is known for their honest and fair bidding. If you are an auction (like me) then you should definitely check them out! They even have a Pinterest now! Okay guys, could you have combined two more things I absolutely love? You should follow them on Pinterest to see all of the cool items up for grabs! You know you’re going to be on Pinterest all day (and night) {Read More}

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